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Post by GM Serin on Sun Apr 09, 2017 11:27 pm

After more than a year of hard work and late nights, we have finally finished Prodigy Online!
We are so excited for everyone to experience all the hard work that we have put into the server.
We seen all the good and the bad that the silkroad private servers have seen. We have learned
from others, As well as ourselves, and created what we believe to be the most exciting silkroad
server yet . We have completely changed how the game operates, but keep the original feel of the game .
we have made the best elements of the game the priority. Old school players will love this server because
the focus is on trading, just like back on ISRO. Remember those epic trades across the server? we do too!

We, the Prodigy Team, have added so many things to the game, but in a balance. We understand what
everyone is looking for, which is not a 2 month grind to max level... then grinding out the gear, which is
another 2 months... no we have made it so that leveling takes less long, but is not a time! oh and trading means
pvp.... all over the server.... Love to PVE? Well we have not forgotten about you. we have added multiple instances
that give you a range of things, including silk!

some things that we as a team have to stress is that this is a play to win game we are not here to suck all
the money out of every . we didn't like it in other servers, so we didnt make it as such. i mean we give you silk just
from playing the game .. what else can you ask for ?

Due to the amout of things that we have put in the game, below is nowhere near every thing we have added into
the server.they are just the major highlights. to combat this, we will be creating a mini Youtube series,
helping explain some of the elements of the game that aren't quite as easy to understand.

interersted? take alook below to learn about the different things we have worked on so hard.Our Beta have
been ended.. GET READY FOR THE ULTIMATE FUN !!!....

Website:Prodigy Online
Facebook:Prodigy Online

Server Rates
  • Cap 120
  • Degree 13
  • EXP/SP 200
  • EXP/PT 250
  • Gold 150
  • IP Limit 3
  • MAX PLUS 12 / 16 ADV.
  • CH/EU
  • New Baghdad Fortress
  • Free Silk System
  • Custom trade routes
  • New triggered dungeon's (INSTANCES)
  • New Custom quests
  • New Custom skill Masteries
  • New Honor Weapons
  • Item Password Lock system
  • New Custom Auto Events
  • Old title Recovery System
  • New job System
  • New job suits
  • Model switch scrolls
  • New god stone sockets
  • Anti cheat system
  • Chinese Ballance Buffs
  • New Avatars
  • New job Lvl 40

1. How to get Prodigy Coins?
  In the So-Ok npc in Jangan you will find the event quest called "Prodigy Stone Event"
  There is no need to pick up this quest as each character gets the quest by default.
  You will already have it when you make a new char.
  You will need 20 Prodigy Stones to complete this quest.
  Turn in the quest and the reward will be 10 Prodigy Coins.
  After completing the quest you will need to pickup the quest again (Repeatable)
  In every instance, all mobs and Uniques will drop Prodigy Stones.

2. Jangan's Palace Quest ?
  This npc is located in Jangan next to the So-Ok.
  You have 2 quest in this npc.
  First Quest. Defeat (Jangan's Champion) 10 times. Rewards 10 globals, 1 lucky scroll, and the (Champion of Jangan) Title.
  Second Quest. (Palace Premium Quest) reward is a 5% premium.

3. Hotan Champion Quest:
  Located next to the So-Ok npc in Hotan.
  Defeat (Hotan's Champion) 10 times. Rewards 10 globals, 1 lucky scroll, and the (Champion of Hotan) Title.

4. Samarkand Champion Quest:
Located next to the So-Ok npc in Samarkand
  Defeat (Samarkand's Champion) 10 times. Rewards 10 globals, 1 lucky scroll, and the (Champion of Samarkand) Title.

5. Maya Ruins Quest:
  This teleport is located in Hotan next to the Jewel Shop.
  When you teleport to Maya Ruins you will see a npc name Yorlando and a second teleport.
  First pick up the quest and start to kill mobs in the surrounding area.
  You will need to get a key from the mobs in order to use the teleport to go to the next stage of the quest.
  Then you will teleport to the Pyramid of Moon. Kill the unique in this area quickly.
  This unique will drop 30 keys. Teleport to the next stage called Pyramid of Star.
  There will be another unique and repeat. Get the key that drops and you will teleport to Pyramid of Sun.
  Kill this unique and the quest is complete.
  Rewards are Lucky scroll, 5 Seal of Moon Lottery scrolls, Gold lottery scroll, and 10 Globals.

6. Taklamakan Unique Crystal:
  This teleport is located in Hotan next to the Jewel Shop.
  This is a trigger instance that will need a party to enter.
  This room will spawn low level unique's. As you kill one unique, the next one will spawn, getting harder as you go.
  These unique's drop crystal and holy bible elixirs. Can enter 2 times a day.

7. Unique Room:
  This teleport is located in Hotan next to the Jewel Shop.
  This is a trigger instance will need to be in a party to enter.
  Many uniques will be in this room. Kill as many you can in 2 hours.
  There are low level unique in this area. When your zerk is used up, simply kill a low level unique to recover your zerk bar.
  These unique's drop Crystal and holy bible elixirs. Can enter 2 times a day.

8. Many more quest in Baghdad.

Here's some infos about baghdad Quests:

  1-Thief Boss Quest ( Thief Room )
     hunt 5 thief boss
             50 Awakening elixir powder
             50 Awakening Red Crystal
             50 Awakening glass of tear
             Oblivion Mastery Up Lvl 0
  2- Thief Boss quest ( thief room ) Daily Quest
     [hunt 1 thief boss]
             10 globals , 50 xxlarge mp and hp potions
  3- Devil benfica quest (Petra dungeon)
     [hunt 5 devil Benfica]
             50 Awakening elixir powder
             50 Awakening Red Crystal
             50 Awakening glass of tear
  4- Devil benfica quest (Petra Dungeon) *Daily Quest*
     [hunt 1 devil Benfica]
             10 globals , 50 xxlarge mp and hp potions
  5- Abshad force royal officer quest (baghdad Dungeon)
     [hunt 1 Abshad force royal officer]
             5 x Seal of moon lottery Scrolls  D13
             10 x Reverse Scrolls
  6- Gaint overlord quest (Baghdad Dungeon)
     [hunt 1 Gaint overlord]
             5x Seal of moon lottery Scrolls D13
             10x Globals
  7- Abshad force royal General quest (baghdad Dungeon)
     [hunt 5 Abshad Force high general]
        •Rewards: Choose from
             Awakening stone of weapon
             Awakening stone of Armor
             Awakening stone of Shield
             Awakening stone of Accessory
  8- Dragon Warrior quest (Petra garden)
     [Collect 2 panda claws]
             10x Globals
  9- Lord of duel quest (petra Garden)
     [hunt 5 lord of duel]
             50 Awakening elixir powder
             50 Awakening Red Crystal
             50 Awakening glass of tear
             1 x Lucky BOX
  10- Hero quest ( 8 Parts QUEST )
       •1st Quest
         [Hunt 2 Abshad Force high Officer]
         [Hunt 2 Abshad Force high general]
         [Hunt 2 Gaint overlord]
       •2nd Quest
         [Hunt 2 Karkadaan]
         [Hunt 2 Pyrmid Protector]
         [Hunt 2 Holy Death]
       •3rd Quest
         [Hunt 2 Lord Of Duel]
         [Hunt 2 Dragon Warrior]
       •4th Quest
         [Hunt 2 Hotan's Champion Archer's King]
         [Hunt 2 Jangan's Champion Warrior]
         [Hunt 2 Samarkand's Champion Storm Wizard]

       •5th Quest
         [Hunt 2 Devil Benfica]
         [Hunt 2 Thief Boss Kalia]

       •6th Quest
         [Deliver karen's Recommendation letter to darla]
           Rewards: 100k exp

       •7th Quest
            Side Quest:
                 Love Letter Deliver to King Shahryar .. To get Sun island gate key

       •8th The FINAL Quest
           [Hunt Kidemonas] at * Sun ISLAND *
                Gold Premium plus
  11- Facing Death Quest
      [Hunt 1000 Violent Adonis]
      [Hunt 1000 Crazy Marauder]
      [Hunt 1000 Avarice Marauder]
               Key Of bloodline
               5x Seal of moon lottery scroll
               Random gold lottery scroll
 12- Peace Beond the lake quest ( 3 hours )
         [Collect 20 bags of souls]  Unidentified Combat Troop
               Key Of bloodline
               5x Seal of moon lottery scroll
               Random gold lottery scroll
 13- Sands of time quest ( 3 hours )
         [Collect 20 bags of Sand]   Violent Biaytun
          •Rewards:  Select From
               3 days ghost grab pet
               3 days monkey grab pet
               3 days gold pig grap pet
               Clock of Reincarnation
 14- Phantom Desert Thiefs quest
     [Hunt 1000 Wounded Washer Man]
     [Hunt 1000 Desert thief swordman]
     [Hunt 1000 Desert Thief warrior]
               Key Of bloodline
               5x Seal of moon lottery scroll
               10x Reverse Scrolls

9. How to get the Oblivion Mastery:
  First you must be level 120 to use any of the mastery scrolls.
  Second your normal mastery will have to be at max level.
  You will get many different level mastery scrolls. You must go in order or you will waste the scrolls.
  Example: You get the mastery with a level 0 scroll. Then you level up the mastery by order, lvl 1, lvl 2, lvl 3,... so on.
  The Oblivion Mastery Scrolls drop from the unique's from (Devil's Garden) and (Petra Dungeon).


10. How to get the Job Mastery:
   This is a new unique mastery system.
   When you make a new char you will find a Job Mastery Scroll and two Job Skill Scrolls.
   Use them right away to prevent any dc and crash problem later on in your adventure.
   The scrolls drop from the job temple uniques. As you get the Job Mastery Scrolls you can use them at any time.
   (NOTE) You will only see the mastery with the new level 7 and up job suits on, and will disappear with the suit is off.
   The stats will go up on your char with the suit on and back to normal with the suit off.
   The mastery will always reappear when you put back on your job suit.
   When adding a new skill scroll you must take off the suit and add it back on to update the skill.

11. Title system:
   This system is to recover any of the titles you may own.
   To get any title you own simply go to your profile on the web site. You will see the title numbers you own there.
   To match the number to the title. There is a list of titles also on the web site with the number associated to each title.
   And then log into the game and send a message to SYSTEM and simply type in the title number. and then teleport.
   After you teleport your old title will be visible.

12. New Seal names:
   Nova = Seal of Light / How to get Seal of Light: SoS lottery scrolls will drop from level 110 to level 120 mobs. Or can buy them from the Item mall.
   Moon = Seal of Shadow / How to get Seal of Shadow: From moon lottery scrolls. From instance quest or can buy them from the Item mall.
   Sun = Seal of Darkness / How to get Seal of Darkness: Seal of Darkness is a awaken system. soulless items drop from all mobs level 110 to 120 and unique's.
   And then you will need 250 Awakening Elixir Powder, 250 Awakening Red Crystal, 250 Awakening Glass of Tear, and 1 Awakening Stone from the quest in baghdad
   (Abshad High General Quest)

13. New 13D Honor Weapon's:
From storage-keeper 5% more damage

14. Honor system: old system

15. New Password Lock System:
   This system will lock your gear with a password of your choice.
   Cannot sell, drop or trade the item unless you know the password to unlock it.
   How to lock your item? You send a chat to the locking bot and it will show examples how to set a password in Private chat.
   Example: Put the item in the first slot and send to Lock in chat ($Lock Lock:YOUR PASS) you will be teleported and your item will be locked
   You will know when the item is locked, You will see a lock symbol on the icon and the title on the item will say on it (LOCK)
   To unlock the item ($Lock UnLock:YOUR PASS)

16. Item change scrolls:
These scrolls can change the weapon or gears to another type. Example if you have heavy armor and want protector use the protector scroll
   The same idea for the weapons.

17. Model Switch scrolls:
These scrolls will switch the look of your 13D Seal of Darkness Weapon and shields to another look.
   There are 4 different looks for each weapon / shield.

18. Scrolls:
   • Adv.Remove scroll
   • Remove job / guild limit scroll
   • Instance re-entry scrolls
   • VIP scroll
   • Change name scroll
   • Skill reset scroll
   • Stat reset scroll
   • Remove Durability
   • Pet rename scroll
   • 50k Skill point scroll
   • 1 mill Skill point scroll
   • Premium remove scroll
   • Devil blue scroll
   • Devil Gender switch scroll
   • Silk scrolls 5, 10, 100, 200, 500, 1000, silk
   • 90 different titles scrolls  lv1, lv2, lv3, Zerk

19. God Stones:
God Stones are another form of socket stones. you add them to your weapon the same way.
   Can add up to 3 God stones to each weapon at a time.

20. New Avatars:
New Egyption A and B Avatars, Low level set avatars, New 2016, 2015, 2014 avatars

21. Triggered Instance:
   • Petra Devils Garden
   • Petra Dungeon
   • Baghdad Dungeon
   • Thief Room Dungeon
   • Taklamakan unique Crystal
   • Unique Room
   • Jangan Champion Room
   • Hotan Champion Room
   • Samarkand Champion Room
   • Huhan Party level 81-90
   • Huhan Party level 91-100
   • Huhan Party level 101-120

22. New Trade Routes:

show map.

23. Lottery scrolls:

   • Elixir lottery - Can get Normal, Holy Bible, Crystal Elixir's
   • Adv. Elixir lottery - Can get Adv. A, B, C, D
   • Stone lottery - Can get any of the special Stones including immortal and Astral Stones.
   • SoS lottery - Can get any 13D SoS item's (Gear/Weapon/Accessories)
   • Moon lottery - Can get any 13D Moon item's (Gear/Weapon/Accessories)

24. New Elixir Bundle
Packs- 100 elixir's to each pack. In item mall

25. Anti Cheat systems for Job

Job Temple, HP MP lock. And third party detect systems. And many more things.

26. How to get immortal stone:

   - Can take your chance with the stone lottery scroll.
   - Killing Roc from going through the Gate of Ruler (Event is two times a day) Guarantee to drop 10 immortal's
   - Killing Medusa from jangan caves (Event is two times a day) Guarantee to drop 10 immortal's
   - Roc of Ruler gate opens at 00:00 Server time and at 12:00 Server time.
   - Medusa gate opens at 00:05 Server time and 12:05 Server time.
   Roc has been change to INT unique and medusa has been change to STR unique. This will give all builds the same chance.

27. Chinese ballance Buffs:

   - STR Buff - Requirements STR : 370
   - INT Buff - Requirements INT : 370

28. Job point system and trade rewards:

   • 1 Star - Gold 1,000,000     Reward - Job lottery scroll / no job points
   • 2 Star - Gold 1,000,000     Reward - Job lottery scroll, 25 Arena coins / no job points
   • 3 Star - Gold 5,000,000     Reward - Job lottery scroll, 25 Arena coins, 1 Job point
   • 4 Star - Gold 100,000,000   Reward - 25 Prodigy Coin, 25 Arena coins, 5 Job silk, 2 Job points
   • 5 Star - Gold 200,000,000   Reward - 50 Prodigy Coin, 50 Arena coins, 5 Job silk, 3 Job points
   After each trade you must restart the game or you will not get any rewards.
   When you reach 50 points. Use a return scroll and you will receave these rewards:
   - Best Trader, Hunter, Thief Title
   - 50 globals
   - 10% Premium
   - Wanted Scroll
   - 1000 Silk
   - 1000 Job silk
   The job point system will reset for your char automatic after reaching 50 points. Can get all the rewards again.

29. silk system:

   There are 4 ways to get silk in the game.
   : Donate Smile
   : Job point system
   : Killing Unique's - Check the website under ranking tab in (Unique's Silk per Kill) for how much silk and future events.
   : Unique's Point System - At the end of each month. The top 3 players will receive, First place 1500 silk, second place 1000 silk, third place 500 silk.

Guide videos and some infos about the server Smile Enjoy


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