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Prodigy Online Forum Rules

Post by GM Samoo on Thu Jan 26, 2017 11:08 pm

First of all, welcome! These rules are in place to generally keep these forums clean and a positive environment for all users. In violation of a rule, depending which one, you can be warned, receive a temporary or a permanent ban.

Prodigy Online Rules

  • Do not double post. Edit your last post.
  • Do not 'bump' more than once a day.
  • Do not use excessive language.
  • Do not flame or personally attack others.
  • Do not spam the forum with pointless threads/posts.
  • Do not accuse others of botting without proof.
  • Show respect for all moderators at all times, their actions are not up for discussion.
  • Don't post or link pornography or other inappropriate images and videos, this is an all ages forum.
  • Speak English.

Prodigy Online strictly prohibits the following:

  • Sale of digital items, gold or accounts for cash value.
  • Third party programs, ie bot programs, which grant you an unfair advantage over others. Using and/or supporting these will result in a permanent ban, and one who claims to bot as a joke is in danger of having their account terminated as well.
  • Inappropriate content or materials.
  • Advertising and spam in forums or chat channels.
  • Using more than one account.

Prodigy Online strictly prohibits cracks, keygens, torrents, bypassing trial versions of software and other methods of illegal activities. These posts will be edited or removed without discussion.

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